​We invite racers from rookie to seasoned kart drivers to race at our facility.  Our organization strives for exciting racing, safety, fairness and a well organized race day for karting enthusiasts.

The track is dirt/clay and 1/10 mile oval.  It has 20 degree banking and is 35 feet wide.  No tire prepping at the track or you will be disqualified.  No alcohol consumption in the pit area until the final race is completed. 

Dirt Oval Karting at its finest! 

Recent News

TONers Lake Karting

2020 Kart Fees

$10.00 per kart per class entered and pit pass required for each driver.
$20.00 per mini mod entered and pit pass required for mini mod driver.
Pit passes are $5.00 per person and are required for everyone in the pit area. Pit pass sales will end at 1pm.
Grandstands are free for spectators.  Concessions are present at the track, as are restrooms.

We will continue to monitor public health conditions and directives from local authorities. The health and well-being of drivers, spectators, and track volunteers is our number one priority. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any board member or message us on Facebook.

Thank you and stay healthy, from all of us at Toners Lake Karting.

Please read and understand all safety requirements before arriving at the track.
All karts must pass safety tech before entering the track.